Clean and Check Your Jewelry

Last week, as I perused the fruit aisle at Whole Foods, I ran into an old friend and longtime client. After exchanging the normal compliments, I was drawn to her jewelry. She wore the wedding set that her husband had bought so many years ago along with a pair of diamond earrings that were a more recent purchase.

Instead of smiling at how nice the pieces looked, I cringed inside. The diamonds appeared drab, and the bands were scuffed and smudged. Throughout my career, this encounter has happened too many times, and it devastates me.

Jewelry, like so many expensive items that we purchase, needs to be cleaned and checked often. Jewelry is similar to a car. Weather, oil, bugs, etc. all accumulate on cars and make them lose that shine from the day we bought it. A ring has different culprits (hand lotion and cooking ingredients are two I commonly see) but will lose the shine, the brilliance exactly the same way.

So here is a challenge for the New Year. Don’t be like the friend I saw in the grocery store last week. Keep your jewelry, especially your ring and bracelets,  cleaned and checked (at least twice a year) as you do your car.