Custom jewelry pin created for a General

A longtime Overland Park client approached me about a custom project. The client had an idea to surprise his wife with jewelry honoring her grandfather who was a General in the Air Force. The Grandfather had passed away and while attending the funeral in Arlington Cemetary the husband reflected on the Air Force memorial, the General's star, and the wreath on the Air Force insignia. He thought these symbols would make an interesting and sentimental piece of jewelry for his wife to remember her Grandfather by.

Memorial Item

As the first step, the client brought in the General's actual star, pictures from Arlington Cemetary, and pictures of the Air Force insignia. We discussed the possibilities of creating such a custom piece of jewelry. Through his innovation we combined these elements into a design for a custom jewelry pin. We carved the wreath from wax and had it cast in sterling silver. We custom created three wires to resemble the spires on the memorial that represent the contrails of the Air Force Thunderbirds. After all the parts were made we assembled the custom jewelry project.

Air Force Insignia

The custom pin was presented to his wife and she was overwhelmed with the sentiment involved with creating such a gift.   

I have heard from the rest of the family that they are each very proud that there grandfather is remembered with this heirloom jewelry piece for the future.