Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

From a Customer:

When I started out looking for an engagement ring I knew I needed to find someone who could guide me through the important process. Richard was the perfect choice and a pleasure to work with. On top of his expert knowledge Richard has great customer service. Everything ran smoothly from diamond selection, to the design of the setting, and receipt of the final product. Despite me being in California I felt like I was sitting down in Richards private studio to work on every aspect of the ring.

As we started the process of designing the engagement ring Richard showed me many options for the diamond. His knowledge and experience allowed him to locate numerous diamonds all of impeccable quality. Richard counseled me to pick a few candidates for the diamond so that we could test them once the wax model of the setting was sculpted. 


My favorite part of the process was helping to design the setting. Richard took a number of drawing and pictures and helped to create the perfect ring. Because of my travel and work schedule we reviewed the wax model virtually which was highly effective. On a regular basis I will catch Julie admiring both the diamond and the sculpture of the ring. Richard’s designer and sculptor is a truly gifted artisan. 


The look on Julie’s face every time she talks or looks at her ring is the ultimate compliment to Richard and his team. I can’t thank you enough for the help and look forward to working with you again!