Buying your gold, silver, platinum and diamonds

It is a wonderful time to turn your old jewelry into cash. We buy your old jewelry in our studio in Overland Park, KS.  

There are many people wanting to buy your precious metals and gems. Seller beware! As prices are at an all time high many people are trying to lure you in and offer you low prices for your treasures. In a descreet and private setting we will give you a fair value for your jewelry.

Remember when you are selling your jewelery the metals are recycled so we are paying only for the pure gold, platinum, or silver. We will look at your unwanted diamonds, using our years of experience to determine a fair price to offer based on current market values.

If you have estate jewelry to sell we can arrange to meet with you at your bank or attorney's office to make a qualified bid.

When selling your jewelry to Richard Dolgin Private Jewelers you can expect to be treated with courtesy and integrity in the privacy of my professional studio. Contact us to make an appointment to do a thorough assesment of your valuables and receive the maximum value.