Custom Jewelry in Overland Park, KS - Aquamarine Pendant

I purchased this gorgeous 4.98 carat Aquamarine mined in Madagascar, which is an Island nation in the Indian Ocean off the Southeast coast of Africa. This stone had a unique intense blue color that reminded me of the Carribean Sea. I wasn't sure how we were going to set this stone when a Doctor friend of mine stopped by my Overland Park studio looking for a special gift for his daughter. He loves color stones so I showed him my new treasure from Madagascar. He fell in love with the Aquamarine so Marsha our Master Jeweler, the Doctor, and myself set to the task of brainstorming for styles. We all decided that a pendant would be the best application for this stone. We picked baquette, round, and princess cut diamonds for the border and bail to complement the Aquamarine.

We laid out the diamonds and Aquamarine in wax (top above-left) before Marsha carved an intricate wax model (top above-right).  We then had it cast in 18k white gold (bottom above-left) and after cleaning up the casting she set all the stones in the pendant mounting producing the final product (bottom above-right).   

The final product was a gorgeous heirloom quality piece of custom jewelry made to be appreciated for generations to come.

We love the challenge of designing special one of a kind pieces of custom jewelry for our clients and future generations to enjoy.