Purchasing an Engagement Ring?

"Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend", "Diamonds are Forever"... Diamond Engagement Ring - The most important purchase you may ever make

Many phrases, stories, songs, and poems have been written over the years about diamonds. They say that Archduke Maximilian of Austria in the Imperial Court of Vienna in 1477 gave the first engagement diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy. All of this lore and history about diamonds makes buying a Diamond Engagement ring one of the most important purchases you will make. It is scary new territory. Most people haven't taken a "Diamonds 101" class. So gaining a  basic education on how to go about this one time expensive purchase that has so much meaning is very important.

When it is time to make this important purchase you need to decide, do I shop on line, do I go to a Mall chain store, or do I go to an Independant Jeweler? I have been selling Diamonds in the Kansas City Market for over 30 years and I believe your best interest will be served by visiting your local experienced jeweler.

A local jeweler has the most to gain and the most to loose by not giving you a proper deal and good education on diamond buying.  The internet is a good place to learn about the Four C's, guage the compettive pricing and look at a number of styles, but in the end you are buying what they want to sell you. If the diamond is not what you wanted, you have the responsibility of getting it back to the supplier.

Halo engagement ring

All rings take a certain amount of maintenance which should be part of the service offered free of charge by your local jeweler. It is impossible for an Internet store to get the ring to the right size without seeing the finger the ring is going on. Sometimes we must size a ring 2 or 3 time to get to the perfect size. If a small diamond falls out of a mounting who is going replace the stone or keep the ring polished like new? I could go on and on as to why shop local or with someone that wants to work with you to get you the best diamond for your budget and will be able to maintain your ring.

At my diamond studio in Overland Park, KS I will take you through the steps of finding the perfect diamond for your style and budget. I will stand behind the purchase with the best maintenance possible, done in our very own jewelry shop at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler. For each diamond I buy, I look at multiple stones to make sure you are getting the finest diamond available on today's market.

Come by and see me and give me the responsibility to find the brightess, most radiant diamond for the most important purchase you will make. In my next blog I will talk about the Four C's.