Jewelry Repair and Custom Jewelry In KC

The Best Jewelry Repair and Custom Jewelry In The Kansas City Area

There are many different levels of quality in regard to jewelry repair and custom made jewelry. In our Overland park studio we do the best jewelry repair. In our years of experience we have seen too many instances of poor quality repair and custom work. Using the wrong parts, improper soldering or welds, diamonds set poorly, plating and polishing not applied properly.

The best teacher for properly done jewelry repair and custom work are time. I've said that it takes at least 5 years to become an experienced jeweler. There are few Master Jewelers in this market and I am lucky to work with one of the best, Marsha. With her 35 years of experience she is a true artist, craftsman, and diamond setter. These are the qualities that make a master.


In our Overland Park studio we have assembled state of the art equipment to work on your jewelry and do your custom designs. Our new laser welder allows us to retip your prongs with amazing precision. The new diamond setting tools allow us to set your diamonds straight and secure. Our finishing department including our polishing station, steamer, and plating equipment allows us to make your jewelry look better than new.

We take great pride in caring for all of your jewelry like it is our own. We use our years of experience to make sure your jewelry leaves our Overland Park Studio in great condition and looking fabulous.

Remember the importance of having your jewelry cleand and checked regularly by an experienced jeweler that cares.