Keeping Your Jewelry Clean At Home

Diamond buying guides use a system of four Cs – cut, clarity, color, and carat weight – to help people understand what comprises a quality diamond. I like to add two more Cs when I explain how to approach making this special purchase – confidence in your jeweler and cleanliness. Sometime in the future, I will write about confidence. For now, I want to stick to cleanliness.

In between your visits to me or your local jeweler, you should be properly cleaning your jewelry at home. Here is some advice on how to clean your gold, platinum, and gemstones. Opals and pearls have different methods, which I will discuss in a later post.

The jar cleaner I sell comes with a small brush and a basket, making it easy to remove any dirt from hand cream, oil, soap, cooking ingredients, and other sources. The solution does not leave water spots when it dries. These spots often refract the light differently and result in less brilliance for your diamond. If you are not using the jar cleaner I sell, I suggest warming some water, mixing in ammonia and a gentle soap. Please never use a chlorine-based cleaner, as it will discolor the gold.

Once you have your cleaning solution, the process is easy. My wife does it right after she finishes putting on her make-up. Leave the piece in the solution for at least a few minutes or even overnight. Then, remove it, gently brush it, and rinse once more in the solution. Easy steps to keep your jewelry looking like true keepsakes.