Buying A Diamond In Kansas City - Diamond Color Grade

Intense, Vivid, Saturation, Depth of Color - Words that should describe the color of your diamond.

In my last blog, I discussed Diamond Cut Grades. This blog explores Diamond Color Grades.

Color Grade

The Diamond Color Grading scale was developed by Richard T. Liddicoat at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in the 1950s. The Grading Scale describes the normal color range, from D (colorless) to Z(light yellow/brown). The picture below illustrates this grading scale. Each grade actually represents a range of color based on a combination of tone (darkness or lightness) and saturation (intensity). The difference between each color grade is extremely subtle. It takes a trained eye in a Gem Lab to be able to differentiate color grade.

The cost of diamonds is greatly affected by the color grade. In our opinion it does not take a top color grade to make a beautiful diamond. If a stone is cut ideally, the color grade can be lower and the appearance of the diamond can be very appealing.

In order to determine your preference for color, it is best to view many diamonds in person. Working with a trusted local jeweler is the best way to learn about color and how it will affect your diamond purchase. 

Come by our Overland Park diamond laboratory to get a lesson and experience color grades first hand. I will be happy to show and compare the different colors of diamonds, as well as teach you my understanding of buying the correct color for your budget and the style of ring you have chosen.