At Home Jewelry Care

How Does Your Jewelry Look? Caring for your Jewelry in between Professional Clean and Checks

We have discussed the topic of cleaning your jewelry in the past. But the topic never gets old. The more diligent you are with your personal care of your jewelry, the longer it will last and the prettier it will look on a daily basis. Having been in the new studio for over a year, clients have brought in jewelry for clean and checks that they purchased sometimes 20 years ago, that still looks new. Other customers have brought in items that I am surprised are still on their finger, with channels and prongs totally worn. I have seen some rings that are tarnished and so dirty that you can hardly see the diamond sparkle.

In between your visits to me, you should be properly cleaning your jewelry at home. Here is some advice on how to clean your gold, platinum, and gemstones.


Cleaner for purchase

The jar cleaner I sell comes with a small brush and a basket, making it easy to remove any dirt built up from hand cream, oil, soap, cooking ingredients, and other sources. The solution does not leave water spots when it dries. Please never use a chlorine-based cleaner, as it will discolor the gold. Toothpaste is another common item that should never be used to clean jewelry. The paste often is hard to remove and leaves a haze on your diamonds and can actually scratch your precious metal.

Once you have purchased my private formula cleaning solution, the process is easy. The last thing my wife does before leaving the bathroom in the morning is to clean her jewelry. Leave the piece in the solution for at least a few minutes or even overnight. Then, remove it, gently brush it (with the drain closed), and rinse under the faucet. After rinsing, pat your jewelry dry with a soft cotton cloth and it will be sparkling and ready to wear. Easy steps to keep your jewelry looking like true keepsakes. 

We are here with state of the art cleaning and polishing equipment so that any time you want your jewelry to look like new, stop by our Overland Park studio to get 'The Works'.