Do You Have a Diamond to Sell in the Kansas City Area?

Do you have a diamond that you want to sell?

We not only sell jewelry but we are also a Jewelry Buyer. In the past year many clients have come in with diamonds they have from past engagements, estates, or ex-boyfriends. These diamonds do have value.Finding the right person to sell a diamond to can be a chore. I will use the discreet environment of my private Overland Park studio to work with you to expertly evaluate your gems to establish a fair re-sell value to optimize your return.

We have purchased a variety of diamonds, in sizes ranging from 0.25 to 5 carats. I take great pride in trying to get you the highest possible amount of money for your stones. You have to remember diamonds on the secondary market, are not going to bring new prices or appraised values. The original profit, setting charges, sales tax, and labor costs are not going to be returned when a diamond is re-sold to the secondary market.

Diamonds and Tweezers

All diamonds are evaluated, and of course diamonds of higher color, cut, and clarity will bring more money than those of lower quality. If your diamond has a certification, remember to bring it with the diamond as this adds to the value of your stone or if you have the original bill of sale, that will help me to assess its current value. In some cases I may suggest that you leave your diamond with me, to give me time to search for the optimum value on the open market.

I promise to use my years of experience and my extensive friends in the jewelry industry to bring you the optimum return for your diamond.