New Years Resolution

It is that time of year: the first few weeks of January when we go through the motions of keeping our New Year’s resolution.  One everyone should make this year is to get their jewelry cleaned and checked at least once a year (or better every 6 months).  Trust me, it’s a painless way to keep your jewelry looking its best and to be sure all of your gem stones are tight and secure.

Personally, my resolution is to make regular posts here at my blog.  Several clients surprised me when they commented on my posts during this holiday season.  I am extremely happy and humbled to have people reading it and stopping in to see us.  Admittedly, I was skeptical and often wondered why someone would read what a private jeweler had to say, but it turns out people have lots of questions about jewelry.

So I have my sons to thank for pushing me to share my thoughts, stories and photos.  Though I still keep up with more traditional sources like trade magazines, periodicals, and evening news, they’ve even inspired me to follow a few great blogs, like Seth Godin’s.  I look forward to keeping my New Year’s resolution.

Stay tuned and send me any questions you have about jewelry!