Perfect Engagement Ring / Perfect Proposal

I spend as much time as required with each of my clients when searching for the perfect engagement ring.

Each individual has a budget and ring style that guides the process. I use my experience and knowledge of diamonds to help create the perfect ring. From this point forward it is the responsibility of the fiance to come up with his own style to deliver this beautiful ring to his loved one. 

Many of my clients have come up with very innovative and interesting ways to propose. Some proposals have been very funny, others totally romantic, and some have been completely spontaneous.

Here are a couple of marriage proposal stories that stick in my mind. 

If you are a Kansas City Chiefs fan you will really appreciate my first proposal story. A client of mine spent much time finding an ideal engagement ring. His next step was to present it to his fiance in a very unique fashion. He was friends with individuals in the Kansas City Chiefs organization and arranged to have KC Wolf (the team mascot) assist him in a one of a kind proposal at a Chiefs game. A poster was made saying 'Will your marry me' which KC Wolf held up in front of their section of seats. At first his girlfriend didn't notice the proposal but after prompting from a friend she figured out what was going on. My client got down on one knee and proposed with fans cheering all around him. 

Rings on hand

Another client was working to get his pilot's license and had aspirations of buying an airplane. His girlfriend was totally against this venture because of the expense and amount of time it was taking. After purchasing a beautiful ring from me, he hired a pilot under the pretense that he was buying the pilot's airplane before he had completed his pilot's license. His girlfriend was furious with him and thought he should at least get his license before spending the money for an airplane. They took off after work in late November and the pilot acted like he was trying to sell them the airplane. When they reached the Country Club Plaza with all of the beautiful light illuminated, the pilot brought out champagne and my client proposed while circling over The Plaza. I am not sure if he ever did buy an airplane but he used this ploy to fool his fiance for an evening they will never forget.

Ring and wine

The internet is full of imaginitive proposal stories. In the jewelry industry they call this a 'Diamond Moment'. A 'Diamond Moment' is a moment that will be etched into your memory for life. Whenever you present a special piece of jewelry to a loved one, you are creating a 'Diamond Moment'. Jewelry has a way of capturing moments in time for the wearer forever. The value of the jewelry is not only monetary but heirloom memories that can be passed to the next generation. 

Here is a link to a wonderful proposal I found on the internet. 

I promise to do my part to help you find the perfect engagement ring. The rest will be up to you to create your own 'Diamond Moment'.