Romantic Diamond Proposals II

From my jewelry studio in Overland Park, I have sold a number of diamond engagement rings and heard about some of the most romantic proposals of my career. 

Most young gentlemen buying a diamond engagement ring try to make the moment a complete surprise. This surprise element creates some difficulties like making sure the ring is the correct finger size. That perfect diamond moment needs a ring that fits (or at least goes on her finger). In order to get the correct ring size and maintain the big surprise, one recent customer consulted his girlfriend's mother and friends to get as close as possible. Another borrowed rings his girlfriend's jewelry box hoping she would not detect the rings were missing. For me, seeing that the beautiful diamond ring fits her finger is so important that I would compromise some of the surprise element to get it right.

A recent client purchased a beautiful princess cut diamond in a solitaire engagement ring. During their day off, he planned their diamond moment in conjunction with other family members to make sure he had it perfect. He planned a picnic at Loose Park, which is where they went for their first date. Upon arriving, with the excitement overwhelming, he presented the ring. Ecstatic, they never ate the food and left immediately to share the happiness with friends and family. 

Another client planned a wonderful vacation. The couple went island of Mallorcato in Spain where he orchestrated his diamond moment. He set up a camera to take continuous photos at a perfect romantic spot. Below are the photos from the moment.

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler, I can help you find the perfect diamond around which you can design your own perfect diamond moment. Now, it's up to you to find the perfect mate.