Intricate Custom Jewelry-we do it!

No custom job or idea is out of the scope of our ability at Richard Dolgin Private Jewelry. We love to create the unusual.

Wax mold and coins

Recently, a father passed away leaving a large coin collection to his daughters. They decided to make a special bracelet using United States Mercury Silver Dimes, which are some of the best designed coins the Treasury has ever minted. One of the daughters already owns a beautiful coin bracelet purchased in Israel set with ancient Widow's Mite coins. Both daughters love the design of this bracelet, so we were asked to duplicate to the style using the heirloom Mercury Dimes.

Final bracelet with mold and coins

Designing the bracelet was not easy. We considered many alternatives about how to construct the coin bezels and links duplicating the Widows Mite one. We looked at the possibilities of finding pre-constructed bezel but found them to be too thin and inadequate for long term wear. Marsha, the master jeweler, and I concluded that she would carve wax models of the bracelet parts, make silicone molds of those models, and finally cast them in sterling silver. In the end, we made a design that combined quality with affordability to make two beautiful bracelets for each daughter.

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park, KS, we invite you to bring us a challenging custom jewelry job. Whether it be remaking existing jewelry, creating a one of kind piece for you, restoring an heirloom, or duplicating a beautiful design, we can do it.