Coin Jewelry - One of Our Specialties

We have always enjoyed making unique and interesting jewelry out of different types of coins. Be it an ancient coin, or more recent heirloom, coin jewelry marks a time in your history. 

Recently clients have brought in coins from beloved family members' collections to coins that are a part of history. Some of the coins we have recently dealt with include Widow's Mite, Mercury dimes, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Greek silver Tetradrachm, and ancient Roman Empire coins.

Each of these projects has been a challenge figuring the proper metal, design, and application to highlight the client's cherished coins.  

Your imagination is the limit to designing unique coin jewelry that will mark a time in the past as well as an heirloom piece of jewelry for the future. These hand crafted pieces will bring future generations a source of sentiment and a sense of their past.

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler, in Overland Park Kansas, coin jewelry is one of our passions that merges the past with the present.