Jewelry Repair and Custom Work

Since we opened Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler over two years ago, we have been constantly improving our on-premise jewelry shop.

We have added equipment including a laser welder, state of the art polishing equipment, and new compressor for sand blasing and model making. We continue this process to offer you a state of the art facility to do the finest jewelry repair and custom work in the Kansas City area. 

Here is a link to a small amount of our recent custom work. - Custom Jewelry

Marsha, the Master Jeweler, continues to be a wonder at creating the jewelry of your dreams and restoring your existing jewelry. Her skills continue to amaze me and thrill each client. The smiles and looks of disbelief when people are picking up their jewelry fuel our passion.

We will use our years of knowledge and state of the art jewelry shop to create a wonderful jewelry experience for you.

Postcard Repairs