Personal Diamond Service and a Better Value

When you meet with a private jeweler you are able to have valuable face to face time that allows me to personalize your shopping experience.

Many first time diamond buyers worry about how much they can get for their money. After visiting the large chain jewelry stores that worry often grows. Rest assured, as your private jeweler, I take the time to determine the best diamond I can find for your budget.

Shape, size, color, and clarity all impact the cost of a diamond and all these features are
personal decisions. I take the time to educate you and work with you to find and evaluate diamonds in our on-premise gem lab.

RD at desk

I work to make sure that when you present your engagement diamond you are confident you will be presenting the perfect diamond. I take pride in providing a special diamond to produce a ‘Diamond Moment’ for your engagement. Recently I received the following email from a satisfied customer.

Hi Richard,

So yesterday 10-12-12 I presented that beautiful ring you sold me and she said 'yes'! :)
I just wanted to thank you for doing such an awesome job on the ring and I actually had fun buying it from you! It was a true pleasure!

It is the process of helping clients find the perfect diamond and receiving wonderful feedback like this email that excites me. I want to provide the best diamond buying experience in the Kansas City area.

You can get a head start on learning about the 4Cs of diamond buying by clicking the link below and taking a look at my past blog entitled “Buying A Diamond in Kansas City".

We have been selling many engagement diamonds in the last few months. With each experience my knowledge base to find you the perfect diamond increases. One of my passions in life is diamonds - finding, collecting, and admiring. The end result, teaching you and guiding you on a path to the perfect diamond.