Satisfied Customers

I appreciate referrals from satisfied customers and take pride that people have enough confidence in my talents to suggest my services to colleagues, family, and friends.

Recently a client who first purchased jewelry from me in 1996, recommended my services to a coworker who was looking to buy an engagement ring. My client had moved to Canada but considered me to be his family jeweler. The first communication was an email telling me that his friend was looking for a special ring to present to his girlfriend. He wondered if I had any suggestions on how to find a reputable dealer in their area. 

We started with a phone conversation which led to a series of emails in which I told him I would love to be part of this project. We discussed style, diamond quality, and budget. Here is a quote from one of our first emails,

"Thanks for getting back to us on this.  Love the "project" designation.  We are having fun with it which I learned from you is important so many years ago."

Diamond next to paper

I started the process with a search for the perfect diamond. After discussing size, shape, quality and teaching the 4 Cs we found a beautiful 1.71 carat radiant cut diamond with a diamond report from the Gemological Institute of America.

Next we started discussing ring mounting styles and went from a 3 diamond ring to a beautiful micro pave style setting with 104 round brilliant side diamonds. Two topics of discussion that needed to be figured out were the ring size and type of metal. My client did his research and found the correct finger size and we decided to make the ring in Palladium. Palladium is a wonderful metal in the Platinum family. After many weeks of communication we completed the mounting and diamond setting.

Assembling ring

This whole project represents what my career is all about, having fun buying jewelry. It was fulfilling having this wonderful recommendation and helping make someone's dream come true. Here is quote from an email I just received,

"I've enjoyed working with you again on this project.  It is nice to find people who have a passion for what they do, who are great at what they do, who treat people like friends and not transactions, and who you can trust.  Thanks again for your hard work and my best to you and your family for a joyous holiday season and a healthy and prosperous 2013."

Ring (side view)