Selling Your Estate or Antique Jewelry in the Kansas City Area.

Do you have estate or antique jewelry to sell? We are experts in this field.

The estates that have been brought in to me to evaluate are like an adventure through a huge puzzle. Figuring out what is real, what is costume, helping family members decide how to divide up the jewelry, or helping to sell the pieces of jewelry and getting the client the optimum value. I find these tasks challenging and rewarding and also the most fun I have had in my business career. I am able to use all of my knowledge from the past to make the right decision for each unique situation.

With our state of the art on premise jewelry shop in Overland Park, Kansas we can take your collection that may be oxidized, dirty, or in need of repair and restore it to its original beauty.

  • Each piece is evaluated to see if it is genuine or costume.
  • With our new state of the art gold tester and the traditional acid test, we can determine the type of metal.
  • With our diamond expertise and state of the art diamond tester, we can determine real diamonds from fake and figure the approximate size and quality.
  • If pieces need repair, Marsha, our Master Jeweler, has the technique and experience to restore pieces back to their original beauty.
  • It would be easy to ruin a beautiful piece of antique jewelry by not knowing how to clean and polish it properly. With our years of experience we know what should and shouldn't be done.
  • I can write up a complete appraisal on the pieces with descriptions and values for insurance or future generations.

 Stop by Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler for a free consultation about your estate or antique jewelry.