Fulfilling Your Engagement Ring Dream

No engagement ring request is too outlandish for us to investigate.

Recently a client came to me with a request for a natural green diamond, a VERY RARE gemstone, for her engagement ring. She told me, "I'm not dead set on exactly what I'm looking for and would be open to ideas or options." So I began my research, contacting many natural color diamond specialists in the industry.

Natural Green Diamond

I learned many interesting things about green diamonds, mainly that they are super rare and can come with a hefty price tag.

My client wrote to me,"You certainly have years of experience and have seen several tens of thousands of stones of different types than I have, so feel free to think outside of my request if something interesting comes to your mind. Your experience and history in KC is the reason we looked explicitly for your name."

After meeting with the client in person in our Overland Park, KS studio, we established a path forward. We will view some green diamonds in person, and looking at a pretty white diamond might also be beneficial. We established that the cut of the diamond may be square emerald cut, Ascher cut, cushion, or radiant. I am going to bring in examples of these cuts to give my client a better visual of the shapes available to her. I am also attempting to find a natural green diamond that may be the perfect stone.

I will use my years of experience and valuable contacts to find you your dream engagement ring.