Creating a new necklace from heirloom family jewelry

Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler of Overland Park, Kansas will help you bring new life to your heirloom jewerly.

A dear friend referred a client to stop in to discuss their family's collection of hand me down diamonds.  The client showed me various sized loose diamonds and gold settings.  My client was fascinated by the use of my professional tools to do a complete analyzation of their jewels.  I used my loupe (a jeweler's magnifying glass), millimeter gage, tweezers, diamond tester, gold tester, diamond scale and my years of experience to figure out exactly what we had.

After assaying the diamonds we divided them by size and quality to decide what their best usage would be in future pieces of jewelry.  The gold was assayed, weighed and credited towards a future project. 

A pair of diamonds were an exact match and made into a gorgeous pair of diamond stud earrings.  Another set of six diamonds were used in a station necklace.  The client brought in an image of a station necklace to give me an idea of what we were working towards.

Custom Necklace

Marsha the master jeweler did a gorgeous job of assembling the pieces and setting the diamonds to the optimum beauty.  The earrings turned out to be an unexpected anniversary gift and the heirloom necklace went to the clients daughter for future generations to enjoy.