Your best choice for selling gold, diamonds and silver

At Richard Dolgin Private jeweler we pay the highest prices in the area for your gold, platinum, silver and diamonds.

I will be happy to sit down with you to personally evaluate your valuables to establish which items are actual diamonds, precious metals, costume, or gold filled.  During the process I will make recommendations if some of your heirloom or antique jewelry is too valuable to scrap. I can help you sell these pieces intact to optimize your cash return.  

Don't take for granted that the jewelry in that old bag is all costume. I have found the family heirloom jewelry worth thousands of dollars in bags of relics considered to be trash. Come and take advantage of my years of experience to be sure you get the optimum dollars for your valuables.

Cash and Gold

We have all the modern tools to asses your valuables so we can pay you the highest price based on today's market.  Bring in all your jewelry because you never know what is real and what is costume. 

Most jewelry is a percentage of gold.  In other words if a piece of jewelry is 10 karat gold, you will be paid for the 41.6% of pure gold and the 59.4% of alloy is melted away. The same goes for the other karat percentages. The only dollars paid for old gold scrap are for the pure gold.  When you sell precious metal that are percentage gold there are alloys mixed to lower the percentage of pure metal, you do not get paid for the alloy.

After the alloys are added, these are the percent gold, The Karat System, used for jewelry.

  • 100 % = 1000 fine = 24 karat

  • 91.7 % = 917 fine = 22 karat

  • 75.0 % = 750 fine = 18 karat

  • 58.5 % = 585 fine = 14 karat

  • 41.6 % = 416 fine = 10 karat

Alloys are used in yellow gold to change the percentage of gold, to make it more economical. The alloys used are:

  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Palladium

Many clients have driven from long distances because of our long history in the jewelry industry and honest reputation.  We continue to reinforce our honest reputation by treating you with integrity and respect.

Please give me a call at (913) 696-1003 or stop by my private studio to receive the highest prices paid in the area for gold, sliver, platinum, and diamonds.