Custom Making a Family Heirloom

The Finalization of a Custom Jewelry Project.

We began a story in a blog posted March 4 about a family heirloom 3 carat diamond. The ring  originally belonged to my client's Great Aunt. Her Great Uncle was involved with Las Vegas casinos in the 1930s and received the diamond from a debt. The yellow gold ring setting had to be torn apart and the 3 carat diamond re-cut to repair multiple chips around the edge of the stone. After that was accomplished, it was time to start designing a new ring. My client wanted to try to duplicate the original ring these diamonds were in, which was made of platinum. We started with drawings and then carved a wax model to cast the new setting in platinum.

We received the platinum castings and we started the cleanup, pre-polish, and assembly of the parts so we could start the diamond setting. After all the dimaonds were set the ring goes through a final polishing to give the ring a mirror finish. Below are pictures of the final product.

Our client was elated with the ring and this was one of the most fulfilling and interesting custom jobs of my career. There were so many interesting aspects to solving the puzzle to create this perfect ring for future generations.