Remember to clean, check and repair your jewelry

Don't allow your jewelry to loose it's luster and sparkle.

People go out and spend big money for beautiful quality jewelry.  The day you pick it up from your jeweler the metal is mirror finished and the stones are clear and tight.  After daily wear and tear your jewelry becomes dull and lifeless loosing all it's sparkle.  The platinum, gold, silver, or pallidium does acquire a patina and can be scratched and bent.  The tips holding your precious stones can be worn to the point that the stones are ready to fall out.  This process happens gradually so most people don't notice how close they are to a potential catastrophe.  Prongs get bent and start snagging on clothing and can even scratch a loved one.

All of this can be avoided with a regular clean and checks.  The longer you wait between clean and checks the more costly your jewelry restoration may be.  I equate this many times to tires on a car.  If you drive a car for 100,000 miles and never change the tires you are going to have a blow out.  The same happens with jewelry.  Over time the metal wares away and restoration is vital to keeping your jewelry intact.  The longer people wait for minor repairs the more costly it could become.

After the time and effort to find the perfect piece of jewelry and the dollars spent doesn't it make sense to bring it in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler for regular maintenance.

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