Doing Premium Jewelry Repair and Custom Work

Jewelry in need of repairs?  Come to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park, KS

Box of Laser Welder

There are many different levels of jewelry repair and custom work.  I have seen inferior work done by apprentices and unqualified jewelers.  At Richard Dolgin Private Jewelers we take great pride using our years of experience and our state of the art equipment in our jewelry studio.  We analyze each piece of jewelry brought to us to see what the very best route to restore your valuables in best and most economical way.

We have a new piece of equipment that is the envy of all talented jewelers, the laser welder.  The laser welder allows us to do repairs that will last for years.  We don't have use solder to repair prongs, tips, or rings.  Instead they are welded which literally puts the jewelry back in new condition.  The other aspect of a laser welder is it's operator.  Marsha commands the laser welder and can literally do magic, allowing us to do the best repairs possible.  When we are working on jewelry with precious gems we don't need to remove them as laser welder does not heat up the jewelry.  There are so many advantages that would get too technical for this blog but believe me the outcome is remarkable.

Laser Welder

For jewelry repair or custom work come to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler for premium service in the Kansas City area.