A Special Engagement Ring with Fiery Brilliance

Hearts & Arrows diamonds can be a brilliant choice

Recently a longtime client came to visit and discuss finding the perfect engagement ring for a very special lady. We sat down to review the basics of diamond buying - the 4 Cs (carat, cut, color, and clarity). I began my search for a stellar diamond to match his needs and we discovered a 1.80 carat, certified Hearts & Arrows diamond. Certified Hearts & Arrows diamonds create beautiful fire and scintillation from within due to the superior cut. You can see in the picture below that this diamond is something special. 

Engagement ring in box

We then began a search for the perfect mounting to showcase this special diamond. I happened to have a platinum Verragio setting in stock that the client loved and felt would complete his perfect engagement ring. The final ring is composed of the center diamond and two baguette accent diamonds.

The experience of finding the highest quality diamond and perfect setting  is one of our specialties. Whether custom made in our jewelry shop or by a popular designer we can find you the perfect setting. 

I will use my years of experience and our special expertise to find you the perfect engagement ring. Contact my Overland Park, Kansas studio to plan your future engagement diamond needs.