Richard Dolgin Pays the Highest Prices in the Area for Your Gold

At Richard Dolgin Private jeweler we continue to pay the highest prices in the area for your gold, platinum, silver and diamonds.

Need to finance your Back To School expenses? The answer may be in your jewelry box. 

I will be happy to sit down with you to personally evaluate your valuables to establish which items are actual diamonds, precious metals, costume, or gold filled.  During the process I will make recommendations if some of your heirloom or antique jewelry is too valuable to scrap. I can help you sell these pieces intact to optimize your cash return.  

Don't take for granted that the jewelry in that old bag is all costume. I have found the family heirloom jewelry worth thousands of dollars in bags of relics considered to be trash. Come and take advantage of my years of experience to be sure you get the optimum dollars for your valuables.

Gold and Cash

We have all the modern tools to assess your gold, diamonds, platinum, and silver so we can pay you the highest price based on today's market.  Bring in all your jewelry because you never know what is real and what is costume. 

Contact me at my Overland Park jewelry studio for a discreet personal appointment to evaluate your jewels.