Selling Your Gold Privately

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we pay the highest prices for your precious metals and gem stones in the Kansas City area.

If you have un-wanted gold, silver, platinum jewelry just sitting in your jewelry box, trade it in for cash! I buy any type of gold, silver, diamonds, gemstones and platinum. It doesn't matter if it is broken or mis-matched. I pay competitive prices and pay you on the spot. I buy fine jewelry, sterling silver, platinum, gold, diamonds, antique watches, gemstones, estate jewelry, coins, bullion and much more. Gold and silver are at the highest prices in 30 years. Now is the best time to sell your unwanted precious metal jewelry and gem stones. 

 Frequently asked questions:

What do we buy?

We purchase un-wanted gold, silver, platinum, coins, bullion of any kind-even dental gold!

What do we pay?

The prices we pay vary on a few factors:

*The current spot price of gold

*The weight, karat and solidity of your metals

*The quality and size of your gem stones

Is there a fee to assay your valuables?

There are no fees of any kind for us to tell you what your items are worth. 

What if you do not want to sell?

There is never an obligation for you to sell your items to me.

What if you are not sure if some of your items are gold?

No problem, bring it in and we will test it using our state of the art equipment and let you know right on the spot!  We  help you evaluate estate jewelry to determine what is costume and what is real.

Cash and Gold

What if you are not ready to sell your items today? Will the estimate be the same when you come back?

The estimate you receive on your items is based on the spot price of gold at the time you bring your items in to us. If you decide not to sell, we will re-evaluate your items again based on that day's spot gold price.

Can you make a private appointment to sell your treasures?

Yes. You will appreciate our discreet, private office setting and personal service. 

We have perfected the discreet art of buying your gems and precious metals in our private studio. We treat you with respect and take the time to explain the buying process to each of our valued customers in our Overland Park office.