A unique custom wedding set

Whether for Valentine's Day or any time of the year, we can create the custom wedding set of your dreams at our studio on Overland Park, KS.

An longtime client came in and wanted to get a special wedding set for his bride to be. We investigated different diamonds and settings so we would have some ideas to present to the bride to be. We looked through existing inventory and thought we knew exactly what his girlfriend might like. She is a very active individual so we were looking for something simple and durable. We did decide on a round brilliant center diamond not knowing the exact size she would like.

When he brought his girlfriend into the Overland Park, KS studio she noticed a picture on my wall of a group of custom made rings we made years ago. The rings were in a unique 18k yellow gold Etruscan style with platinum bezels holding in a diamond. This was the ring of her dreams. She had even envisioned these rings from a moment in her childhood. There was no need to look any further. We took these designs and adapted it to fine 0.93 carat round brilliant diamond with a diamond grading report from the Gemological Institute of America.

Etruscan rings made in our shop years ago

Etruscan rings made in our shop years ago

After Marsha, the master jeweler, met with the client and confirmed her design desires she began making the wax model for this very special ring. The client also established that they would like a men's band to match the wedding ring. After the wax model was finished and cast, Marsha had to hand apply a hammered finish to the gold, assemble the cone shaped head for the diamond, and hand make the platinum bezel to hold in the stone. 

This turned out to be a very fun project and my client is wearing a true piece of art. We love the challenge of creating the unusual and fulfilling the dreams of a lifetime.