Fabulous Custom Made Jewelry Cross

In my career we have made many fabulous custom pieces of jewelry. This latest creation has to be top on the list.

A new client found my website and was intrigued with my personalized custom heirloom jewelry capabilities. We discussed a number of possibilities for an anniversary gift and future gift giving possibilities. We looked extensively at my collection of antique heirloom jewelry and talked about a number of possibilities. A few days later I received the following email with a photo of antique Victorian cross.

Original Cross

"Last night I was looking through some images for ideas and ran across the attached, from late 19th century. My wife would LOVE something similar to this -- vintage looking as opposed to blingy. Could you replicate this, or something close to it?"

We started the process to create our own version of this magnificent cross. We thought it should be as close to the original as possible. I started my pursuit of finding Ceylon sapphires matching the gorgeous blue color. Finding seven Ceylon sapphires that matched was a huge challenge. If you notice, the center oval sapphire is larger than the rest, which made the task even harder. After days of searching I finally found the perfect set. 

Assembling the cross

After figuring an estimate, we started on the model making procedure and decided the cross needed to be modeled in three pieces that would constructed after after setting the diamonds. Next we started talking about the metal the cross should be made in and decided on 18 karat yellow gold to get the same rich color as the original.

The outer rim of the cross held 93 round brilliant diamonds and had to be set first. Then, the inner cross was set with eight round brilliant diamonds and seven Ceylon sapphires weighing 5 carat total weight. Then the bail was set with three round brilliant diamonds. 

Final Cross

Finally the assembly and finishing process started. Each piece was fitted and laser welded together. Then the polishing and finishing process began. Here is the finished heirloom cross.

I want to commend Marsha, Master Jeweler, on the fabulous craftsmanship and design on this project. Her skills continue to amaze me and delight clients. We look forward to our next custom challenge in our Overland Park jewelry studio.