Keep your appraisals up to date for your insurance needs

Keeping your appraisal up to date is so important in today's market with all metal and diamond prices getting higher every day.

So many people have stopped in regards to a piece being lost and their last appraisal was over ten years ago.  With no current appraisal they having to come up with the money out of pocket because the insurance company will not cover the entire cost at today's prices. 

There are many different types of appraisals that people need for different circumstances involving their jewelry.

  • Updates for their insurance company to keep the values current in case of a loss 
  • Values for estate purposes
  • Acquired a new piece and would like to know the value for both personal and insurance reasons
  • Determine whether the piece is costume or genuine
  • Value of inherited estate jewelry for insurance, and sale purposes

We have all the best equipment and contacts to evaluate your jewelry accurately and deliver a professional documented appraisal accepted by insurance companies and estate planners.

Many clients come to me with a large collection of jewelry.  I have created coffee table books for the client’s enjoyment and for detailed descriptions for their insurance company.  I have worked with some clients for many weeks to determine values and take professional pictures of each piece for the appraisal.  No job is too large or too small and you will find our prices very reasonable for our professional work.

Stop in and see me in my Overland Park jewelry studio for a private meeting to work on your appraisal needs.

Sample Appraisal