We Buy Gold in Overland Park Kansas

In a discreet atmosphere, we pay the highest prices for your gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.

It's almost the Holiday Season. Presents for loved ones, travel, new clothes - all the expenses of this time of year. The money to help pay these bills may be sitting in your dresser drawer.

unwanted jewelry

People are constantly telling me about the jewelry they have sitting around that they haven't worn for years, for one reason or another. In our discreet and respectful setting at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we will pay you top dollar for your gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds.

We have been buying gold for a long time and have learned how to evaluate and optimize your return from your valuables. We have all the up to date equipment to examine the items you bring to our Overland Park jewelry studio to be sure to get you top dollar. We will be happy to sit with you and help you identify the costume jewelry from the real articles. 

We buy sterling silver flatware, any jewelry made of 10 karat gold and above, stones of all shapes an sizes, and platinum and palladium jewelry. We have run into some unusual items such as gold teeth, pocket watches, and class rings that can have great value. 

Stop in to see us to get the highest return for your valuables at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.