I Know A Guy ...

I want to be that guy you recommend to friend and family whenever a jewelry need arises. 

My son and I were recently speaking about a sale I made of a 2.0 carat diamond that was referred from an long time client. The client called me and actually said he told his coworker "I know a guy" when the coworker mentioned he was going to get engaged. 

I thought this was something novel and was telling my son that it may make a good blog, as many of my clients come from referrals. My son laughed at me and said , "Dad, that's nothing new" as he Googled "I know a guy" and found there are numerous businesses called "I know a guy ...".

I want to be that guy! Many of my clients come from referrals and I can't express how much I appreciate the confidence that people have in me when they tell friends and family about my business. These clients come in with confidence about my knowledge, service, and pricing.  

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The power of good service and word of mouth is invaluable.  At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park Kansas, we provide the best service for every client.