A discreet and confidential way to sell your gold

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler you can be assured of a private, secure, and discreet atmosphere where you will get maximum return for your valuables.

Driving around town you can see many businesses that want to buy your gold. These gold stores often pop up quickly to take advantage of the strong gold market to lure you in to their business . But  how can you be sure you are working with established professionals who will give you the best deal and treat you and your valuables with discretion and respect.

A lot of the stores around town will buy your precious metal, but will not buy your diamonds. I specialize in buying diamonds of most sizes and shapes and give you the fairest price possible. I also buy silver, coins, platinum and palladium. 

I have over 40 years of experience in the jewelry industry. I consider myself an expert at evaluating precious metals and gems. I give each client personal attention in my private studio. I treat all clients with respect, with the knowledge that selling these heirloom assets sometimes is very difficult. In the privacy of my office you will not be disturbed while we are evaluating and finalizing the transaction. Being in a bank building with a very private office, you can be sure of security and comfort while selling your treasures.  

You can stop by during our regular business hours and I would be happy to try to work you in to my daily schedule. I suggest that you call for an appointment so that I can dedicate my attention to you. Please call (913) 696-1003.

Selling Your Gold

Selling Your Gold

In the discreet, secure, and private atmosphere of my office, I promise to treat you fairly when selling your jewelry. Stop by and see Richard at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler at my office in Overland Park, Kansas.