Engraving your jewelery

Engraving your jewelry is  great way to preserve a jewelry moment.

Over the years while evaluating estate jewelry with my clients, I have learned that jewelry that is engraved with dates, initials, or personal occasions has the ability to give you an immediate link to the past, to imagine the jewelry moment experienced in the past. 

Past generations engraved jewelry more often to commemorate great occasions in life and I think this tradition should be revived. Engraving inside of a ring is a great way add emotional value to a piece of jewelry by capturing a date or personal phrase to remember the past. 

We have recently added another wonderful piece of equipment to our state of the art jewelry studio.  The hand engraver will allow Marsha the Master Jeweler to add a special date, initials, or personal phrase to the inside of any gold, silver, platinum, or palladium ring.

Ring Engraving Machine

Ring Engraving Machine

Personalizing your jewelry by engraving a date, personal statement or occasion can add to the heirloom quality of your jewelry. Make sure future generations know the history of their jewelry inheritance. Engraving is also a great way to make sure your husband doesn't forget your anniversary.

For your ring engraving needs come visit us at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park, Kansas.