Gold prices have never been higher

For the last three years gold prices have been surging. Many people have taken advantage of these higher prices to sell some of their unworn and outdated jewelry. With gold prices consistently over $1400/ounce for the last three years, it is a great time to sell your treasures.

If you have inherited items over the years and you are unsure of their quality, you can bring them in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler and I will personally work with you, using our state of the art techniques and years of experience to evaluate and determine the value of your assets. 

Evaluation Tools for Gold and Diamonds

Evaluation Tools for Gold and Diamonds

There are many horror stories about selling your valuables, but what’s less understood is exactly why a few old rings don’t add up to that much cash. Most rings are 10 karat (42% pure gold) or 14 karat (58.5% pure gold). The refinery is only paying you for the pure gold not the alloy.  The alloy are other metals that are mixed with gold to make it more wearable. Also the original jewelry has the labor and profit which you lose at scrap prices.

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler, in Overland Park Kansas, we buy gold, platinum, silver and diamonds. So if you have old  jewelry sitting in a drawer or safety deposit box, bring it in and we will help you figure out what you have.