Anatomy of a ring

A ring has many parts, this blog will explain the anatomy of a ring.

Many times while speaking with clients I chatter off terms about the shank, center stone, head, and side stones. I take it for granted that everyone knows what I am talking about. Hopefully this blog will explain all the different parts of a ring so you will be more knowledgeable when creating your own custom piece of jewelry.

Anatomy of a ring

Anatomy of a ring

The picture above highlights the parts of a ring. Here are some definitions:

Head - Holds the center stone in the ring

Center Stone - The large centerpiece of a ring

Side Stone - Adornments highlighting the center stone

Bridge - Metal underneath supporting the center of the ring

Hallmark/Engraving - Stamp indicating the quality of the metal and designer/manufacturer

Shank - Metal part of the ring that wraps around the finger

Sizing Area - Area used to make a ring larger or smaller

Gallery - Open area underneath the stones

There are different views of the ring that highlight the different aspects of the design. From the top a ring may look very simple, but from the side you can see details of how the diamonds are set.

There are many different shank styles, ring profiles, and ring styles. Don't be overwhelmed by all the aspects of ring design - leave that to us. Knowing the different aspects of a ring will help us design the perfect custom ring for you.