Reviving a diamond bracelet

Jewelry after years of use can wear to a point beyond repair. At that point we can take the diamonds and metal and create a new piece of jewelry. This is also a good time to update the piece of jewelry to a more modern style.

Bracelets worn on a daily basis seem to take more abuse than other jewelry, which causes the need to repair or replace sooner. A hinged bracelet is constantly moving, which adds wear and tear to the rivets that make the hinges between each link. Bracelets also tend to get caught on items and are more susceptible to constantly hitting hard surfaces. Bracelets should be cleaned and checked on a regular basis because of the abuse they sustain. 

A client brought in a bracelet purchased years ago that was worn beyond repair. The hinges were worn out as well as the channels holding the diamonds.  Below, an old worn bracelet is shown on the left and a recently reset diamond bracelet on the right. The style of the new bracelet is an incredibly 14 karat white gold, flexible bangle that beautifully fits the wrist.

Making something new out of something old and worn out can be like receiving a brand new piece of jewelry at a fraction of the cost.

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler you can rely on our years of experience to suggest the proper remount for your worn or outdated jewelry.