Jewelry Repair and Custom Work

We continue to increase the quality of our jewelry repair and custom work. We have added many pieces of equipment to our state of the art jewelry shop, so that we can accommodate repairs that many stores will not attempt.

We are presently rebuilding a 60 year old wedding set that was so thin and worn that most jewelers would have felt it was impossible to redo. We are taking all of the original parts and adding metal and diamonds that had fallen out, to recreate the exact ring for future generations.  

Our repairs are done with the highest standards to ensure the jewelry will be able to be worn for years to come. We enjoy creating custom jewelry that start as a dream and become a true piece of art. These are some of the things that set a private jeweler apart from you typical jewelry store.   

Master Jeweler at work

Master Jeweler at work

We look forward to seeing you at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler for your jewelry repair and custom work. Don't forget a Spring cleaning for your jewelry.