Still a Good Time to Sell Your Gold to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler

It is still a wonderful time to benefit from cashing in your unused treasures. 

Do you have jewelry sitting in your drawer that you never wear? Have you inherited some jewelry you are not sure what to do with? It is still a wonderful time to turn your old gold into cash. Even though the media may report that precious metals are at a lower price, the price is still close to a record high in comparison to where it was for over 30 years.   

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we are still paying the highest prices for gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds in the area. We use our sophisticated testing equipment to evaluate your treasures to be sure we are giving you the fairest price possible.  

Don't send your gold to an unknown entity and beware of the many individuals trying to take advantage of the recent high prices. I promise to be fair and equitable and take the time necessary to work with you in our discreet and safe studio. 

Bring in your treasures for an evaluation at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park Kansas for your best return in the Kansas City area.