Designing an Engagement Ring with Durability

Long term durability is an important aspect when buying your wedding set. 

Many of the wedding set styles popular in today's market don't lend themselves for long term wear. The micro-pave setting style using extremely small diamonds is very beautiful but can also be a maintenance nightmare. When there are many small diamonds, exposed around the center diamond, they take all the daily abuse. The smaller the diamonds, the smaller the prongs. Small prongs increase the possibility of your ring loosing stones.

We have tried to design a series of rings with today's styles that are as durable as possible. The ring in the gallery below is a sample of one of these designs. The ring has a lot of aspects that are very popular today such as a flush fitting wedding band and diamonds that are a little larger around the center stone so the prongs can be larger and more durable. 

When buying your wedding set, remember you are buying it for the long term and not just for a stylish trend that may change in a few years. The more diamonds and small prongs a ring has the higher the chances for problems in the near future. Be sure and check out the craftsmanship in your ring and realize that daily wear takes it's toll on a ring.