Original Bead Jewelry

Making jewelry that is art is our passion at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler. 

One of Marsha's talents is her love of beads and making bead jewelry. She can picture in her mind the combination of colors and has a rare talent of knowing how to twist wire to make spectacular bead jewelry.  

Pearl Sapphire and Diamond Necklace.JPG

Earlier we concluded a project creating a custom necklace for a client incorporating pearls and diamonds from a family ring and new gorgeous sapphire rondelles. During our search for the sapphire beads to use in the necklace we found a company from India that specializes in hand cut gemstone beads and briolettes of all colors and shapes. Finding such high quality beads inspired us to order many different beads for future projects. We now have sapphire, pink tourmaline, apatite, chalcedony, pink topaz, pearl, and labradorite beads to use in our custom creations. 

The pictures below shows how the beads came from India in a hand stitched bag. Each gemstone type was on its own strand with tassel ends. They were so pretty we hated to cut them apart, to start making our necklaces.  


We have just completed our first necklace using chalcedony teardrop gemstones, sapphire beads, pink tourmaline flat pear shaped briolettes, and pearls.    The next picture shows the necklace we are just completing. 

We are going to continue the bead project at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler to create a whole series of original bead jewelry using these beautiful gemstones from India.  Be the first to stop in to see these pieces of art to add to your jewelry collection.