A Master Jeweler Sets Us Apart

We are so particular about the quality of repairs and custom work that we do, that having a Master Jeweler as part of the team is a privilege and an honor.  

Marsha is a Master Jeweler that has been associated with me for over 35 years. She graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Jewelry Arts. Her first job was at Dolgin's in North Kansas City. She continued her career learning from the finest jewelers in the history of the area. She is a natural artist who quickly learned the complicated skills of all types of diamond setting, model making, jewelry construction, jewelry design, and polishing and finishing jewelry. To be a true Master Jeweler, a person must excel in all of these areas. There are many specialty jewelers that are experts in a single field such as diamond setting, gold smithing, or model making. In this day and age, you find very few jewelers that are superb in all aspects of the jeweler's trade. 

When you come to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler, Marsha has the talent and insight from her years of experience to sense what you are looking for and translate it from a thumbnail drawing to the reality of a beautiful piece of jewelry. Working directly with the jeweler to create your one of a kind, heirloom quality jewelry, is a thrill and assures you that your jewelry will be a unique piece of art.  

This gallery presents Marsha at work and some of her finished creations.


Since I have reopened my studio in Overland Park Kansas, we have had many customers stop in that bought their jewelry from me 25-30 years ago. The jewelry still looks amazing except for normal wear on prongs or needing a good clean and polish. This is because of my philosophy of having a great jeweler to provide the quality craftmanship to make jewelry that lasts for years. Marsha continues to amaze me in the quality of her work and attention to detail.