Preserving Memories in a New Custom Creation

Personal interaction is our added touch when creating custom jewelry at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler. 

A client came in with a cherished heirloom diamond that she wanted to make into a new pendant she could wear daily, preserving the memories from the past.  

Taking our client's ideas we developed a design for a pendant that could be worn daily. The client desired an oval shape for the pendant using her marquise diamond for the center and using round brilliant diamonds I supplied to surround it. Marsha created drawings which the client approved which led to us carving a wax model for casting the pendant in 14k white gold. I picked and supplied matching diamonds to compliment the design.   

Our client was involved with each step of the process to make this beautiful pendant. She approved the drawings, wax model, and observed and took pictures of the diamond setting process.  


This was an extremely enjoyable project and the interaction with our client through the whole process made it that much more special. At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park Kansas we enjoy the personal interaction of custom jewelry.