Heirloom 50 Year Custom Ring

Bringing together jewels from the past can make a gorgeous new piece of jewelry for you to enjoy and pass on to future generations. 

A new client brought in a collection of heirloom jewelry, which wasn't being worn and was taking up space in a drawer. Her husband had worked for a company for over 50 years and received many service pins with diamonds. She also had rings from her mother and old pieces of jewelry that hadn't been worn for years.

After assaying the jewels and describing to my client the quality and value of the jewels, we decided to break out all the diamonds and gemstones. We took the scrap gold and after determining the value, we issued a store credit for a substantial amount to go towards the creation of new custom rings.

We weighed and cleaned all the gemstones and laid them out by size and quality so we could start the design work. We did a number of drawings for our client to approve. We decided upon two rings, a fashion ring and wedding ring. The first ring used her mother's round diamonds and round sapphires in 14k round gold. The second ring is 14k two tone set with her engagement diamond with side diamonds from her husband's service pins. The second ring, a wedding ring, is worn with her two tone wedding bands.

This experience incorporated everything we love about doing custom jewelry work. Working with a tremendous client and using our experience to combine jewels from the past into timeless treasures. Come visit us at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park Kansas for your next custom project.