Holiday Gifts Available From Online Store

Online Store Featuring Many Pieces Custom-Made In Our Jewelry Shop

Announcing an expanded online store! Over the past few months, I have been working not only in the jewelry shop to design and craft beautiful pieces for the holidays but also on the web to showcase more jewelry. You may not see every piece I have in my inventory listed. Our online store focuses on jewelry custom-made in our shop. There are more estate pieces, diamonds, and colored gemstones to upload to the site.

My expanded online store should allow you to view jewelry items and help me share them with a wider audience. I am excited about the possibilities!

The online store is meant primarily as a vehicle for you to view jewelry and select what you want. As you find jewelry you are interested in, please contact me. I would love to explain the finer details of the piece to you in person.

Pre-shop at to view our latest custom crafted inventory.