Bring sparkle and excitement with December's birthstone, blue zircon

Zircon comes in shades such as cinnamon, sherry, yellow, orange, and red but the brilliant and mesmerizing blue zircon is the best known color and birthstone for December.

Oval blue zircon

Oval blue zircon

Blue zircon represents the majority of zircon gemstones sold in jewelry.  Zircon should not be confused with the man-made material often used as a stand in for diamonds called cubic zirconia. Zircon the gemstone is a naturally occurring crystalline mineral often mined in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, and Australia.

Blue zircon has a rich history of mystical attributes associated with it. In the middle ages some thought the gem helped to drive away evil spirits and even encourage wisdom and riches.

The name zircon is thought by some scholars to originate from the Arabic word zarkun, meaning “cinnabar” the mineral. While others believe the name's origins are related to the Persian word zargun, or “gold colored.” Both theories are supported by the wide range of colors zircon can be found in. 

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