Combining Many Rings into One Beauty

A client brought in four rings from the past that she wanted to combine into something new and dramatic.

Our client worked with Marsha and I to design her perfect ring. She provided an image that she felt may be appropriate to combine her existing diamonds and reviewed Marsha's sketches. The main criteria for this design was that it had to include all 13 diamonds from her other rings.  Once we finalized the approved design Marsha began disassembling the existing rings to calculate the size of the diamonds and determine the best way to fit them into the new design. We also took the ring guards and combined them into a lovely wedding band.

Here are the original rings and sketches

After carving a wax model and making the bezels for her diamonds, the ring was assembled, cleaned up, and finished.

No matter how intricate the project or how many diamonds you want to use, come to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler for your next custom jewelry project.