Jewelry To Sell, We are the Place

For many reasons, you may have jewelry to sell. At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we have the expertise to determine the best value for your jewels and turn them into cash.

In our discreet jewelry studio we can provide you with a very professional atmosphere to sell unwanted jewelry. We have all of the state of the art tools and years of experience to accurately evaluate your valuables and then pay you the optimum price.

We can't buy every piece of jewelry brought in to us, but will be happy to help you assess what you have and guide you. Sometimes it makes sense to sell a piece of jewelry, while at other times it is better to gift the piece along to future generations.  We buy some pieces to sell strictly for scrap, while others we may be able to resell.

Here is an example of a recent estate that we are evaluating to buy. There are many varied items and we are doing research to determine how to get the best value to our client. 

Various pieces from an estate we are evaluating.

Various pieces from an estate we are evaluating.

If you have jewelry to sell, I promise to be as fair as possible to offer you the maximum amount for your treasures.

Make Richard Private Jeweler in Overland Park your last stop when selling your unwanted jewelry.